Let’s start by saying “no to disposable plastic”

Every year, Europe alone produces more than 25 million tonnes of plastic waste, and every year, up to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic ends up in waterways, pushed by the winds to converge into huge plastic patches. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, in the northern Pacific Ocean, is said to have about twice the surface area of the state of Texas.

A study conducted by Greenpeace reports that, “All the plastic present in the seas would go around the earth’s circumference 400 times. Seven hundred animal species fall victim to this situation: they mistake plastic for food and die of either indigestion or suffocation. More than 8 billion tonnes of plastic have been produced since the 1950s, and recycling alone will not suffice.” The estimated environmental damage caused by plastic will be 22 billion euro by the year 2030. These are appalling numbers that leave no room for doubt: excessive use of plastic is a real emergency.

Vertigo is taking an opportunity to build awareness in the public of live musical events by focusing on the concept of an “environment-friendly festival”.

This summer, all Vertigo-branded festivals and musical reviews will promote environmental protection. Disposable plastic will not be used at “Rock The Castle” in Villafranca di Verona and at “Sonic Park” in Bologna. Reusable glasses will be available on site, and water will be freely distributed to all attendees.

Marcello Venturi, Operations Manager at Vertigo, explained, “We are asking the public for a contribution of 2 euro for the initial purchase of the reusable glass. In return, we will provide free water for everybody inside festival premises, in addition to an efficient service of changing, deposit and washing of the glasses, without having to stand in a queue.”

Roberto Ciucci, Head of Production of the organising company and sponsor of this initiative, said, “We must reduce the daily use of plastic, and if we start with small, daily good habits that we repeat, then we can give the world we live in a genuine chance to become a better place. The commitment and care of everybody can make the difference.”

Besides eliminating disposable plastic, compostable materials will be used during the above events, thus solving many of the problems associated with separate waste collection and reducing environmental impact to a minimum.

The joint contribution of everyone involved can make an environment-friendly festival possible.